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Harrisburg, SD (Sioux Falls metro area)

Todd D. Epp, LL.M.

Writer, lawyer and consultant with over thirty years of writing and photography experience.

While my areas of writing expertise include history, travel, politics, foreign affairs, aviation, the environment and law, I believe a good writer should, with enough research, be able to write about anything.

Good writing is good writing.


A Review: Legion Lake Lodge Restaurant

Saturday night, a large group of us ate at the Legion Lake Lodge restaurant in Custer State Park. Here’s my review. It’s the Black Hills, for goodness sake! Rustic but clean, on the shores of Legion Lake. With over 20 people in our group, we put the waitstaff through their paces, particularly when about 2/3 were teenage boys.
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Mitch dobrowner_veil-storm_profile

L.A. Photographer Chases the Life and Death of S.D.'s Thunderstorms

They're born, they live violent lives on the South Dakota prairie, and then they die. And a fine art photographer from Los Angeles, Calif. captures their lives in black and white. Copyright 2013 Todd D. Epp and Northern Plains News. All Rights Reserved. Columnists syndicated on NPN retain all rights to their works.
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Why you should care about the Middle East

So why should you care about Iraq and the MIddle East? As residents of central South Dakota, perhaps you should care more than anyone. Back around Veterans Day 2011, I interviewed, for The Daily Republic, a number of local National Guardsmen who were serving or had served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some had been on multiple deployments. But the U.S. -- and our Guardsmen -- were leaving Iraq. South Dakota paid a heavy price for its lost sons. According to, 20 South Dakotans were killed in Iraq; 141 were wounded.
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Why S. Dakotans can't understand Middle East

You and me as typical South Dakotans can't really understand the Middle East. It's not that you or I are stupid or prejudiced or uneducated. We're not. But we come from a society and ways of thinking that are unlike those in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. After a year and a half working and living and working in northern Iraq, after spending a month in Palestinian villages and refugee camps and after visiting and representing a former client in Syria, I believe I understand less about the Middle East now than I did when I made my first trip to the region in 1985.
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Old Syrian man and bike shop.

Old Syrian man in front of a Damascus bicycle shop. November 2003
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Damascus cloth sellers

A Damascus damask cloth seller (right) and his apprentice. Damascus, Syria, November 2003.
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Symbolic capital of the vast empire of America's grasslands

It is a sparsely populated, largely ignored land of grass, stretching from Texas to the Dakotas. It is a diminished realm because of agriculture, urbanization and all kinds of dividing lines, real and imagined. However, it is a dominion not totally Balkanized by those things. The heart of the Republic of Grass still remains in east-central Kansas.
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Davis Memorial is the ultimate love sonnet

John M. Davis loved his wife, Sarah. And when she died, he carved his love for her in stone. The testament to his love is 11 life-size marble and granite figures that depict the couple from courtship through old age. They stand in a small cemetery on the outskirts of this northeastern Kansas farm town. John loved Sarah so much he spent more than $100,000 dollars in the depths of the Depression when he commissioned an Italian sculptor to carve most of the figures.
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Kansas Highs

MEDICINE LODGE, KANSAS--It's like some rustic poem, the view out my windshield on state Hwy. 2 in south central Kansas during wheat harvest season: Arrow-straight blacktop Through golden wheat Into an azure sky.
Minneapolis Star Tribune Link to Story

A Throwback to a Different America

Before McDonalds planted arches on South Dakota's prairie and long before the Colonel offere buckets of fried chicken on the state's busy thoroughfares, there was Bob's Cafe in Sioux Falls
S.D. Magazine Link to Story

Dancing Grebes

The ballet is playing, but the stage is a marsh, the dancers are grebes, the critics are blackbirds, and the family sedan is the best seat in the house.
S.D. Conservation Digest Link to Story

Sumacs, sugar maples in splendor this week

SISSETON--This weekend and next should be the best time to se the blazing reds, oranges, and yellows in the hollows near Sisseton. Sumacs are about at their reddest. The sugar maples are red-orange. The ash and cottonwoods are changing to yellows and browns.
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Todd D. Epp, LL.M.

Editor and publisher of Northern Plains News, a daily digital news service for South Dakota and upper Midwestern news outlets.



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