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Kudos to City of Sioux Falls for Copper Lounge collapse response!

If you were watching television or online or listening to KELO-AM Friday during the extrication of victims from the collapsed building downtown, you might have thought things were pretty chaotic. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, with the help of the Sioux Falls Police Department, Sioux Falls Public Works, other agencies and private contractors, worked calmly and methodically to save the people and dogs buried in the former Copper Lounge.
KELO-AM Link to Story

At Home Living: Minimizing the stuff of life

To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin, our houses are basically just places to put all our stuff. In fact, according to the comedian, “The whole meaning of life is looking for a place to put our stuff.”. However, what some empty nesters, those headed to retirement homes and even some young people are finding out is that they can do without a lot of their stuff and downsize—and simplify—their lives.
Topeka Capital-Journal Link to Story

At Home Living: Harnessing the power of the wind

Dodge City is one of the windiest cities in the nation, averaging nearly 14 miles per hour, according to Kansas State University. Goodland, Concordia and Wichita are in the top 30 windiest cities, each with winds averaging 12 mph or more, according to KSU. Then there’s the name of the state. Some historians and ethnologists says means “people of the south wind” in the Lakota language for the Kansa people who moved to the area after 1700s from the Ohio Valley.
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At Home Living: Filling up the empty nest

Junior has finally graduated from college after six years of living at Elsewhere State University. He’s finally “fledged,” leaving Mom and Dad with an opportunity to finally repurpose the bedroom. For some, before Junior’s or Missy’s bed can even cool from here they slept, they’ll be selling or donating the bunk beds and the dresser.
Topeka Capital-Journal Link to Story

At Home Living: Kitchens of the future here in the present

Remember in the old Star Trek episodes where Scotty would order from the food processor and the grub would magically show up? The Urban Cultivator may not go quite that far and make you scrambled eggs and bacon. Still, it can give you a in-home source of fresh greens and herbs. Brand new to the Topeka market, the easiest way to describe an Urban Cultivator is that it looks like a dish washing machine or a wine cooler.
Topeka Capital-Journal Link to Story

A Review: Legion Lake Lodge Restaurant

Saturday night, a large group of us ate at the Legion Lake Lodge restaurant in Custer State Park. Here’s my review. It’s the Black Hills, for goodness sake! Rustic but clean, on the shores of Legion Lake. With over 20 people in our group, we put the waitstaff through their paces, particularly when about 2/3 were teenage boys.
Dakota Foodie Link to Story

Hail, snow, flooding, a tornado and a tropical storm for Mother's Day

/SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Hail, snow, flooding, a tornado and a tropical storm made it a "severe weather" Mother's Day in much of the center of the United States and on the Carolina coast on Sunday. Rescue helicopters in Denton County, Texas pulled six people out of homes after thunderstorms dumped heavy rain in the area.
Reuters Link to Story

Pre-Trial Robo-Call Latest Twist in the Annette Bosworth Saga

Annette Bosworth saga continues, with a robo-call from a former Michele Bachmann campaign aide hitting phones across South Dakota Tuesday evening. Peter Waldron, calling on behalf of a group called No Compromise in Sioux Falls, said in the call that South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley was trying to take away Bosworth’s medical license.
Townsquare Media/KSOO-AM Link to Story

Another Champion Crowned in Sioux Falls: California (Pa.) Defeats California Baptist in NCAA DII Women’s Championship

Patient but persistent offense by the California (Pa.) Vulcans and poor first half shooting by the California Baptist Lancers made for a 86 to 69 victory for the Pennsylvanians in the NCAA Women’s Division II basketball championship at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls Friday night. The Vulcan’s Miki Glen led all scorers with 31 points and 8 rebounds.
Townsquare Media/ESPN991 Link to Story

Like More Famous DI Schools, DII Women Strive for Excellence too

During March Madness, the NCAA Division I teams—the so-called “big schools”—get most of the fan and media attention. But after watching teams from the D-I Summit League play their championship tournament in Sioux Falls two weeks ago and now the smaller D-II schools play their “Elite Eight” tournament, it’s difficult to see a difference in the quality of the basketball.
Townsquare Media/ESPN991 Link to Story

Division II Women’s Basketball Coaches Happy to Be at the Pentagon for Elite Eight

You’d think getting to the Elite Eight in the Women’s NCAA Division II championship tournament might be the best thing about coming to the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls. But so is playing new competition you haven’t seen instead of the same old conference foes you’ve played three or four times already.
Townsquare Media/ESPN991 Link to Story

Seven Puppies Dumped at Rosebud Dialysis Clinic Amid Wild Dog Crackdown

A dialysis unit on the Rosebud Indian Reservation became the temporary home of seven unwanted puppies Tuesday amid a roundup of wild canines following a deadly dog attack this weekend. When staff opened the Davita dialysis clinic north of Rosebud early Tuesday morning, they found seven scared, mix-breed puppies behind a large spool and a corner of the building.
Townsquare Media/KSOO-AM Link to Story


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